Need for Speed Underground 2 Demo 2

A popular street-racing game that allows you to race for money and fine-tune your cars

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Need for Speed Underground 2 Demo 2
Need for Speed Underground 2 2 Demo

In 2004, Need for Speed Underground 2 became the world's best selling game, which isn't something we can ignore. Electronic Arts' has since undergone a big makeover where every aspect of the game has built into it an impressive depth of detail. We see this in almost every respect of the gameplay. By its very nature, this arcade racing game continues its expansion into new territory with complex feelings of progression. The system builds out and lets you customize your car as needed.

What Can You Expect from the Game?

Need for Speed Underground 2 shows off the trendy import tuner culture found in America. You have all the music, dialog and SUVs to go with it. What's the result? We see a startling level of depth in the gameplay. For example, you can play for up to 40 hours before beating the entire game, which has been well composed, and the AI remains some of the most aggressive of any game. In some ways, the game might even be too big for its own good. We see the number two added onto the end of "Need for Speed Underground," but this game isn't a sequel in the traditional sense of that word. Instead, we see the game reinvented and remade to resemble the ever-popular game from Rockstar, "Grand Theft Auto."

The Setup of Need for Speed Underground 2

What we see in this game is a five-part city with a fictional urban center called Bayview. This imaginative ideal for racers keeps the game open and filled with almost a dozen types of races. Some of them include:

  • City Core
  • Coal Harbor
  • Beacon Hill
  • Jackson Heights
  • The Airport

The open and large sandbox environment keeps everything interesting from beginning to end. Everything has been tied into a single thriving city, which differs from the previous titles. In addition, each of the regions of the city has its own personality. For example, Beacon Hill becomes the superb area for drifting. Meanwhile, a Sunday drive through City Core reveals an extensive and impressive freeway system that connects the entire city into a whole body. It gives you an excellent opportunity to drag race or take on a circuit course.

Need for Speed Underground 2 encourages you to explore the many nuances of its lifestyle. In fact, you will even get rewards for this exploration. For example, strategic stacks of cash have been carefully placed throughout as a way for you to collect them to buy more upgrades and new cars. The game does have a few shortcuts, but unfortunately, there aren't nearly enough, but overall, this is a game packed with hours of racing action.


  • Explore many different areas of the city.
  • The game encourages exploration of the world.
  • Fun to go in hot pursuit with the police.


  • Only a few shortcuts to explore when racing.

Need for Speed: Underground 2 is the eighth entry in the pulse-pounding Need for Speed series, now 23 games long. Taking place after the events of the first Underground, NFSU2 focuses on aggressive street racing competitions, tuning your ride and taking down a set of street racing crews to get to the top.

Though there are several conventional race types in NFSU2, the races you'll find yourself competing in most often are outrun challenges: one-on-one free-roaming races with no rules, where the first driver to put 1,000 feet between himself and the other driver wins. Outrun challenges can be started while roaming around the city by pulling up near another tuner racing through the streets and hitting a single button to start the challenge. Once the race is on, either driver can go anywhere in the streets they would like, with no set course for the challenge and with nothing off limits. Complete enough of these races in a single stage of Career Mode, and you'll unlock a special unique vehicle upgrade for free.

The more-conventional racing events available in the game are the Circuit, Sprint, Drift, Drag, Street X and Underground Racing League (URL) events. The last two are new to the series, comprising more challenging and unusual races than the rest. Street X races are run on cramped, tight-curved tracks with no NOS boosts allowed and are designed to force drivers to muscle up against other cars and fight bumper-to-bumper for position. URL events are gauntlets made up of one or more Circuit-style races on official racing tracks. Completing these will move you to the next stage of Career Mode, closing down the events of the previous level. As you make it farther and farther into the game, you'll advance the plot line and unlock more events to compete in, as well as larger portions of the world map to roam.

As you amass wealth and notoriety from your victories, you'll have the opportunity to buy better vehicles and unlock access to better and better parts for your car - both in performance and style. From engine upgrades and turbo systems to ramp up your the power of your cars, to new body kits and rims to spice up their looks, every vehicle can be upgraded to your heart's content. And you'll need to upgrade at least some of your cars - the farther into the game you get, the harder the challenges, and the better the cars your opponents will be driving. Every bit of power under the hood and every bit of flash on it makes a difference.


  • High-octane, intense racing gameplay
  • Wide variety of vehicles and modifications
  • Pulse-pounding soundtrack keeps you hyped up


  • Outrun challenges can be very frustrating with the AI knowing the map perfectly
  • Overall a little dated

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